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         Homeopathic healing with Esther Mizser RN, MA, C.Hom, CCH, DNM

My 10 year old boxer got diagnosed with bone cancer.  I brought her home from the vet to die with pain medicine in hand and a homeopathic remedy recommendation from Esther.  She had become very restless and was whining and shrieking in pain with the slightest movement.  I gave the homeopathic remedy first and almost immediately the whining and shrieking stopped and she began to move around more.  She rested and slept peacefully for many hours after the remedy, something I had not seen in days. I did not need to give her the pain medication. The next day she was using the bathroom on her own and began eating and playing.  It was amazing!  Unfortunately I lost the remedy for 2 days and had to resort to the pain medication.  During this time, she became paralyzed and was pulling her legs behind her.  She had stopped eating and was in pain again.  I planned to take her into the vet the next day to end her suffering.  Thankfully I found the homeopathic remedy that evening and stopped the pain medication.  What happened afterwards was unbelievable!  She regained the use of her legs and quickly improved so dramatically that she appears to be completely recovered.  She is symptom free and running, playing and eating better than before she was sick.  All of her spark and then some have returned!!!!

Carolyn Zirkle

Restaurant Owner

"It was after a year of trying to conceive our second child without success that I contacted Esther. My family practitioner simply attributed my inability to become pregnant to my age and gave me an unsympathetic rundown of my options. During our first meeting, with great care and compassion, Esther painted an entirely different picture. Her obvious knowledge and expertise in the field gave me such excitement and hope and I was beyond eager to begin treatment. Results were immediate, we conceived our son the month after completing the homeopathic remedy she prescribed.  Needless to say I am a firm believer and proponent of homeopathy. I can not recommend Esther highly enough. When in her care you can’t help but feel her genuine concern and commitment to your well-being. I continue to entrust Esther with all of my family’s health issues and concerns."


"Esther has been our family homeopath for the past two years!! She is absolutely amazing! Before Esther my kids would go to the doctor all the time ! They would constantly receive antibiotics! It was a vicious cycle!! My son always would get congested and start coughing! She was able to minimize the duration and weaken the symptoms!! Same with my daughter who often get sinus infections!! My kids have been antibiotic free for the past two years!! She also helped me a lot too!! I had an issue with acid reflux! It had gotten so bad that the doctor wanted to give me prescription medicine!! When I received the right remedy from Esther, it felt like magic! I feel so much better! I can finally enjoy my coffee again!! Esther really takes the time to make sure that you're receiving the right remedy! She is very supportive and informative!! She's really good at what she does! Before her I was sceptic about homeopathy!! She made me a true believer and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their lives!!"

Deborah Shamouelian 

Fashion Industry Partner

 "Esther is very accurate and can find the relevant symptoms for choosing the correct remedy. We often use Skype or email consultations, which is a very fast and comfortable since we live a far distance.  We have used homeopathics since our daugher was born.  We were shocked about the fast effects of homeopathics, now we couldn't imagine our life without using them.  One month after finishing Esther's fertilitiy protocol, I became pregnant with my second baby. It was really suprising, because we had difficulty getting pregnant and had a miscarriage some months earlier.  The next success was that my subchorionic hematoma disappeared with Esther's protocol!  In the Summer I had a very bad backpain and I couldn't stand up from bed.  Every movement was really painful!  Within two hours from taking the remedy Esther suggested, I had forgoten my back pain and could go to the beach with my family :-).  My husband was also helped with his knee pain and inability to walk.  My daughter had nose stuffiness and running nose very often, almost every month. It would last 7-10 days and we couldn't stop it easily. Since she got her constitutional remedy, she has not had nose stuffiness, or just very light and goes right away.  I highly recommend Esther as a family homeopath!!!" 

Anette M.


"I began seeing Esther for skin problems. I was trying to get control of what looked like acne and red rashes mostly on my face. Esther was calm and soothing, she listened and asked insightful questions to get to the root of the issue. She gave me homeopathic medicine and after just two days I began seeing significant improvements. I have spent my entire life trying different prescribed medicine from Retin A to Acutane, and never thought that homeopathy could work for me. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend Esther to anyone, especially if it is your first time trying homeopathy." 

Avishag Ravid

Corporate Consultant