Homeopathic healing with Esther Mizser RN, MA, C.Hom, CCH, DNM

​​​Hello, I am Esther Mizser.  My career as a medical practitioner began as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit.  I went on to get my Master's Degree in Human Behavior to better understand the mind-body connection.  While studying for my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I found my true calling... Homeopathy. I was suffering with a severe sinus infection.  I felt like I was suffocating. A friend recommended homeopathy. My new found homeopath and partner in health handed me my homeopathic pellets and told me to "feel better". I was shocked after I woke up from a four hour nap and discovered that I was not only breathing easily through my nose and mouth, but I was feeling better than I had felt in a long time.  I would never look at health the same again.  After so many years of watching patients succumb to the effects of pharmaceuticals, I had discovered that the path to true health could be more gentle and more effective.   

Esther Homeopathy

Homeopathy is safe, non-addictive, and suitable for all ages from newborn babies to the elderly.

What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is an effective and widely used system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It recognizes that all symptoms of ill health are an expression of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment, not the disease. Homeopathy is thus a truly holistic system of medicine ('holistic' means we treat the whole person including mental and emotional factors as well as any physical ailments). The fundamental principle of 'like cures like' is based on the theory that if a substance can trigger similar symptoms to those suffered by the patient, then a minute dose of the same substance will encourage the body to overcome the illness. The remedy stimulates the body's natural ability to cure itself.